Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 2

Cursed Lineage

Two days have passed and one of the Setesh ghosts has vanished

Desra and her daughter Anise – currently in a coma. Both are marked by Void Circle Lineage curse. Fleeing on Denzik merchant ship. Prayer:

Unconquered Sun – if you can hear my prayer, I beg you to help us. It is only a matter of time before they realize we are gone and send the Weeping One to bring us back…


Grey: Agents have discovered that the College of Necrosurgery has closed its doors. Slave trade has increased ten-fold.

Qismet: Letter from Zalim, headmaster of the College of Necrosurgery. [The shipment of wheat will more than fill our needs at the school. My thanks for securing the trade of a lifetime…]

Alatu – Ghost return with the tale of a horseman riding atop the waters at great speed towards Ikress. It bears a symbol upon its head (that is now floating around the ghost).


Asrai Asrai

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