Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 3

The Root of Corruption

After dealing with a supposed exalt of the elder god Plentimon to no avail, the Solars set out to root a growing cult from their island. This belief in the “New Order” involved committing suicide in order to preserve one’s perfection for eternity in death. Several dozen citizens had already performed this act before the Solars could reach them, resulting in a speech to all citizens mandating a call to action against the cult’s growth.

It was then that another exalt belonging to Plentimon was brought forth, claiming to have knowledge of the Silver Prince’s plans for Ikress. Despite this, the Chosen of the Sun deemed her involvement with the New Order unpardonable. Through a brilliant display of Solar glory, her sins were expelled in the fires of a Warstrider firelance. All citizens immediately renounced any belief in the New Order, and reaffirmed their belief in the Unconquered Sun that day.

Pamphlets were distributed throughout the city to reinforce why the citizens believe in the Unconquered Sun and not the empty promise of eternal perfection. Even visitors to Ikress gained a newfound respect for the gleaming city-isle.


Asrai Asrai

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