Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 3-5

Corruption was believed to be uprooted when Jyudee informed the Solars of a disruption in the manse’s power core. It bore a necrotic essence signature, preventing her powers from determining much. Fortunately Lord Grey had just returned from the nearby shadowland with a new power to disguise himself as an Abyssal. Using this power, he joined forces with Qismet to investigate the deep heart of Ikress.

A horrific network of green crystals clustered around the essence pipelines feeding into the manse core. Dark arachnid forms were meticulously tending to each crystal cluster, under the supervision of a lone Nephrack. In disguise, Lord Grey lured the Nephrack away from the ley lines and into the perfect position for Qismet’s daggers.

No more than a second was spent in combat before Quinn began assessing the situation, quickly re-engineering one of the spiders to consume the crystals and the other spiders. Content that the core was safe for now, the Solars returned to the surface, leaving a very concerned Jyudee down with the new creation…

Up in the main chamber, the final Ghost of Setesh vanished, heralding the coming of the Silver Prince’s gift – the former island of Bluehaven repurposed as a Necrotech abomination…

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