Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 4

Nishvathra - The Finality Engine

With the return of her ghosts, Alatu learned that the behemoth on the horizon was called “Nishvathra”, roughly translated as “the finality engine”. The horseman was gone, but the necrotic rune symbolizing the number three was still present. Worse yet, the “behemoth” was actually a hekatonkire – a powerful necrotic creation involving Void Circle Necromancy.

While the hekatonkire was fast approaching, each Solar set to defending the gleaming isle. Celestial Circle Sorcery wrought piercing glaciers to crash into necrotic flesh. Essence cannons were brought to bear using the manse’s own power, and citizens equipped themselves with weapons pulled from the armory. Quinn triggered his meticulously planned trap, beginning the incredibly toxic deconstruction of the hekatonkire. With the pieces in place, each Solar was set for the upcoming battle.

The Silver Prince made his first appearance to the Solars in the form of a mist-formed visage:

“It truly is a shame that we-or rather you- won’t make it past the gift giving part of our relationship here in the West. In this final hour, know that your servitude to me in the Underworld will be most helpful for my dominion over Creation. I know Solars have a tendency to cling to this thing called “hope”, but let me help you take that out of the equation.“

A brilliant green beam shot up to the sun perched perfectly above Skullstone. What was once a gleaming evening sunset was now an inverted black disk lined with silver – a very representation of the Skullstone flag that each ship sails under.

“Welcome to the dawn of the Silver Sun Era! See you on the other side!”

The Circle barely had time to process the catastrophe when combat began. A wave of winged necrotic tumors flew at Ikress, more finding purchase with the isle than being shot down. The militia and local Dragonbloods immediately had their hands full with waves of necrotech abominations.

While each wave of icebergs collided with Nishvathra, the vitriolic poison seeped further into its veins. The one Abyssal that stood atop the hekatonkire executed a sacrificial ritual that created a mirror ghost for each Solar on Ikress. Some were dealt with swiftly, while others took more time as they attempted to delay any attack on Nishvathra.

With the last of the threatening ghosts was burnt to a crisp by Amod’s sorcery, the Solars turned their unified power against the hekatonkire. In a Loom-ravaging Cascade of Cutting Terror combo, Amod threw Qismet at a weak point, triggering a cataclysmic downfall of the island, iceberg style. A final blow by Amod’s Warstrider Grand Goremaul shattered the remaining elements off the soulsteel frame that made up a fraction of the original behemoth.

Now the Circle hopes to catch a breath as the last of the pieces are pulled into the purifying whirlpool summoned by Fakharu…


Asrai Asrai

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