Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 1

The Wheel Turns

The depths do hold
but one surprise
craving for the sun
mercies I wrought
and secrets sought
to work til there is none

- The Silver Prince, Master of Riddles

After recounting their victory over the Lintha, the Solars returned to Ikress and found a most intriguing guest waiting for them.

Lord Belmorne had accepted an oath of mutual protection by an “Eclipse” caste named Weeping Raiton. This visitor was on a mission of diplomacy on behalf of the Silver Prince – and certainly made his case after presenting a vast chest full of first age artifacts. To top it off, a gift of zombie workers and a ghostly play in the Solars’ honor was given.

Before Weeping Raiton left, however, he left a riddle for the final gift. Five ghosts associated with the Calendar of Setesh were left in the main chamber of the city-manse. The “Eclipse” read the Silver Prince’s words and then took his leave in his Soulsteel galleon.

In an effort to figure out what the words mean, the Solars began to pull every string they had in the West. Alatu sent ghosts into Skullstone to scout. Gray contacted his operatives there as well, while Quinn accessed every historical archive relating to leadership in Skullstone over the past thousand years. Malachai even offered to do paperwork for a Gold Faction Sidereal in exchange for some information regarding the Silver Prince.

Qismet took a much more aggressive approach and actually followed Weeping Raiton on the ship he left on. After a brief bout of stalemate combat, Qismet was left all alone on the ship that was speeding unnaturally towards Skullstone. After some finagling, he managed to turn it around and head at least in the general direction of Ikress.

Fortunately Quinn had some genesis-crafted pheromone barnacles attached to the ship, making it very short work to locate the ship (thanks to Oliver the dolphin). The ship was thoroughly searched and the best clue they could find aboard was relating to the College of Necrosurgery on Skullstone.

Malachai was able to see through some deceptive charms and found reference to massive shipments of flesh bound for the College. It was about this time that Alatu had a vision from the Unconquered Sun…


Asrai Asrai

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