Chosen of Serenity


“Serenity through discipline.”

“Let’s get one thing straight: The West is a godsdamned mess, and this time the problem wasn’t ours…”


Celica was assigned by Ayesha Ura (Gold Faction) to serve as a liaison to the West Solars. Her cold demeanor seems contrary to a Serenity caste, but nobody disputes that her presence in the room demands silence. The party’s connection to Fakharu and the delicate politics shattered by recent events were all but screaming to the Celestial Bureaucracy for some form of intervention. Celica’s presence is holding a tidal wave of bureaucracy from crashing down upon the Solars – an ironic, and somewhat bitter memory from ages past…

Celica’s role to the circle is the informant regarding matters of the Celestial Bureaucracy and the Loom of Fate to some degree. Her intimacies revolve around her Gold Faction assignment, and returning the West to its natural order so she can transfer back to the North. She believes the Solars are capable of defending themselves, and focuses more on making sure Fakharu has little opportunity to become corrupt again. She has no obligation to the Solars beyond her assignment.


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