Little Beam


Little Beam appears as a bronze-skinned young man with the sculpted iron thews of a gladiator. He dresses like a monk, usually with a bell-collared red coat that spreads open from his chest, and airy martial slacks of a matching color. He carries the red bamboo serpent-sting staff Fire Dragon’s Whisker. His head appears to have been recently tonsured, with the vestiges of bright red hair just beginning to grow back. His visage is normally serene, but his blank white eyes are often unsettling. When angered, sunlight blazes from his mouth, nose, and eyes. While the questions of his origin remain unsettled, none who have seen the Unconquered Sun’s face can deny that Little Beam bears a strik- ing resemblance to the Most High.


The upstart known as Little Beam appeared only recently, claiming to be the direct offspring of the Unconquered Sun. Most of Yu-Shan’s residents assume Little Beam is a liar and charlatan out of hand, but they are unsettled by the gumption of one who would make such a dangerous claim under the eyes of Heaven, especially with regard to Ignis Divine. More ominous than that, the Maiden of Secrets has sealed all records of Little Beam’s origin and purview personally.

Eschewing his floating estate in Heaven, the alleged son of the Most High spends most of his time in Creation, where he fights to restore order to the malfeasant spirit courts. In doing so, one of his main goals appears to be assisting the return of the Solar Exalted. Little Beam explains to those he meets that in order to uphold the Creation-Ruling Mandate, he acts as a divine liaison between the Unconquered Sun and his Chosen.

This responsibility is almost certainly self- appointed. Regardless, the young god’s aid has already helped set several Solars on the path to power over Creation. The Gold Faction actively courts his assistance with their training camps, while the Bronze Faction is running a careful but thorough investigation into the rogue divinity, at- tempting to discern his true parentage. Little Beam has many enemies in both Heaven and Creation who are unconcerned with his origins, criminals with a vested interest in avoiding a return to the days of the Creation-Ruling Mandate’s proper enforcement. They fear that Little Beam is a precur- sor to the active return of the Unconquered Sun or uncontrolled ascent of the Solar Exalted. The assassins are gathering.

Sanctum: Little Beam resides in the Golden Cloud Palace, a moderately splendid manse floating serenely above the cloud layer of Yu-Shan. He is rarely found in residence these days, spending most of his time in Creation.

Little Beam

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