Quinn Lanus

reality architect


Quinn’s most distinguishing feature (beyond his abrassive personality) is the pair of Orichalcum Gauntlets that he wears nearly all the time. If you ask him, he’ll tell you they are the Hands of the Great Maker, which enable him to build physical objects from raw magical energy.

Quinn is always scheming a grandiose way to engineer reality (or at least the West) into a more stable state. He has a pathological hatred of everything that is not “native” to Creation such as Demons, the Wyld, and the Underworld.

In battle, Quinn is a practitioner of Righteous Devil Style and sports a set of 6 flamewand pistols strapped to his body.


Quinn was born to the island of Simenare and was a young boy when the inhabitants were slaughtered by Fair Folk. He grew up under the incompetent reign of the Lunar Ten Stripes. Quinn saw the growth of the Lintha Cult on Simenare and the oppression under Exalted rule. As a mortal, he eventually master-minded the revolution that took down Ten Stripes. He left the island in shambles.

Quinn spent some time talking with other members of the Thousand Streams River, Lunar Society. After he Exalted he resolved to do better in repairing and reworking Creation. His first grand mission was to wipe out the Lintha from the West. Next, he plans to remove the Deathlord, Silver Prince, from power. Finally, he hopes to permanently seal off the Fair Folk from harassing the people of the West ever again.

Quinn Lanus

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