New Deliberative Invitation


You are invited to attend the Resplendent Earth Audience on Mt Meru, and share your deeds among the Deliberative. Your recount of victories over the Lintha will strengthen the Solars’ influence in both heaven and creation as you each recite them. A feast in your honor will follow.

Simply use the heavenly gate located within Ikress, and pass into Yu Shan. From there, a lesser god will lead you to the 1st Heavenly Gate – to Mt. Meru. Remember, yours is the 43rd Gate for when you return. Also, it is suggested that you spend as little time as possible within Yu Shan – they’re still warming up to the return of Solars.


The New Deliberative

[Various Solar signatures accompanied by caste marks are emblazoned on the lower half of the invitation]

New Deliberative Invitation

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