Silver Sun - Solars in the West

Chapter 4
Nishvathra - The Finality Engine

With the return of her ghosts, Alatu learned that the behemoth on the horizon was called “Nishvathra”, roughly translated as “the finality engine”. The horseman was gone, but the necrotic rune symbolizing the number three was still present. Worse yet, the “behemoth” was actually a hekatonkire – a powerful necrotic creation involving Void Circle Necromancy.

While the hekatonkire was fast approaching, each Solar set to defending the gleaming isle. Celestial Circle Sorcery wrought piercing glaciers to crash into necrotic flesh. Essence cannons were brought to bear using the manse’s own power, and citizens equipped themselves with weapons pulled from the armory. Quinn triggered his meticulously planned trap, beginning the incredibly toxic deconstruction of the hekatonkire. With the pieces in place, each Solar was set for the upcoming battle.

The Silver Prince made his first appearance to the Solars in the form of a mist-formed visage:

“It truly is a shame that we-or rather you- won’t make it past the gift giving part of our relationship here in the West. In this final hour, know that your servitude to me in the Underworld will be most helpful for my dominion over Creation. I know Solars have a tendency to cling to this thing called “hope”, but let me help you take that out of the equation.“

A brilliant green beam shot up to the sun perched perfectly above Skullstone. What was once a gleaming evening sunset was now an inverted black disk lined with silver – a very representation of the Skullstone flag that each ship sails under.

“Welcome to the dawn of the Silver Sun Era! See you on the other side!”

The Circle barely had time to process the catastrophe when combat began. A wave of winged necrotic tumors flew at Ikress, more finding purchase with the isle than being shot down. The militia and local Dragonbloods immediately had their hands full with waves of necrotech abominations.

While each wave of icebergs collided with Nishvathra, the vitriolic poison seeped further into its veins. The one Abyssal that stood atop the hekatonkire executed a sacrificial ritual that created a mirror ghost for each Solar on Ikress. Some were dealt with swiftly, while others took more time as they attempted to delay any attack on Nishvathra.

With the last of the threatening ghosts was burnt to a crisp by Amod’s sorcery, the Solars turned their unified power against the hekatonkire. In a Loom-ravaging Cascade of Cutting Terror combo, Amod threw Qismet at a weak point, triggering a cataclysmic downfall of the island, iceberg style. A final blow by Amod’s Warstrider Grand Goremaul shattered the remaining elements off the soulsteel frame that made up a fraction of the original behemoth.

Now the Circle hopes to catch a breath as the last of the pieces are pulled into the purifying whirlpool summoned by Fakharu…

Chapter 3-5

Corruption was believed to be uprooted when Jyudee informed the Solars of a disruption in the manse’s power core. It bore a necrotic essence signature, preventing her powers from determining much. Fortunately Lord Grey had just returned from the nearby shadowland with a new power to disguise himself as an Abyssal. Using this power, he joined forces with Qismet to investigate the deep heart of Ikress.

A horrific network of green crystals clustered around the essence pipelines feeding into the manse core. Dark arachnid forms were meticulously tending to each crystal cluster, under the supervision of a lone Nephrack. In disguise, Lord Grey lured the Nephrack away from the ley lines and into the perfect position for Qismet’s daggers.

No more than a second was spent in combat before Quinn began assessing the situation, quickly re-engineering one of the spiders to consume the crystals and the other spiders. Content that the core was safe for now, the Solars returned to the surface, leaving a very concerned Jyudee down with the new creation…

Up in the main chamber, the final Ghost of Setesh vanished, heralding the coming of the Silver Prince’s gift – the former island of Bluehaven repurposed as a Necrotech abomination…

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Chapter 3
The Root of Corruption

After dealing with a supposed exalt of the elder god Plentimon to no avail, the Solars set out to root a growing cult from their island. This belief in the “New Order” involved committing suicide in order to preserve one’s perfection for eternity in death. Several dozen citizens had already performed this act before the Solars could reach them, resulting in a speech to all citizens mandating a call to action against the cult’s growth.

It was then that another exalt belonging to Plentimon was brought forth, claiming to have knowledge of the Silver Prince’s plans for Ikress. Despite this, the Chosen of the Sun deemed her involvement with the New Order unpardonable. Through a brilliant display of Solar glory, her sins were expelled in the fires of a Warstrider firelance. All citizens immediately renounced any belief in the New Order, and reaffirmed their belief in the Unconquered Sun that day.

Pamphlets were distributed throughout the city to reinforce why the citizens believe in the Unconquered Sun and not the empty promise of eternal perfection. Even visitors to Ikress gained a newfound respect for the gleaming city-isle.

Chapter 2
Cursed Lineage

Two days have passed and one of the Setesh ghosts has vanished

Desra and her daughter Anise – currently in a coma. Both are marked by Void Circle Lineage curse. Fleeing on Denzik merchant ship. Prayer:

Unconquered Sun – if you can hear my prayer, I beg you to help us. It is only a matter of time before they realize we are gone and send the Weeping One to bring us back…


Grey: Agents have discovered that the College of Necrosurgery has closed its doors. Slave trade has increased ten-fold.

Qismet: Letter from Zalim, headmaster of the College of Necrosurgery. [The shipment of wheat will more than fill our needs at the school. My thanks for securing the trade of a lifetime…]

Alatu – Ghost return with the tale of a horseman riding atop the waters at great speed towards Ikress. It bears a symbol upon its head (that is now floating around the ghost).

Chapter 1
The Wheel Turns

The depths do hold
but one surprise
craving for the sun
mercies I wrought
and secrets sought
to work til there is none

- The Silver Prince, Master of Riddles

After recounting their victory over the Lintha, the Solars returned to Ikress and found a most intriguing guest waiting for them.

Lord Belmorne had accepted an oath of mutual protection by an “Eclipse” caste named Weeping Raiton. This visitor was on a mission of diplomacy on behalf of the Silver Prince – and certainly made his case after presenting a vast chest full of first age artifacts. To top it off, a gift of zombie workers and a ghostly play in the Solars’ honor was given.

Before Weeping Raiton left, however, he left a riddle for the final gift. Five ghosts associated with the Calendar of Setesh were left in the main chamber of the city-manse. The “Eclipse” read the Silver Prince’s words and then took his leave in his Soulsteel galleon.

In an effort to figure out what the words mean, the Solars began to pull every string they had in the West. Alatu sent ghosts into Skullstone to scout. Gray contacted his operatives there as well, while Quinn accessed every historical archive relating to leadership in Skullstone over the past thousand years. Malachai even offered to do paperwork for a Gold Faction Sidereal in exchange for some information regarding the Silver Prince.

Qismet took a much more aggressive approach and actually followed Weeping Raiton on the ship he left on. After a brief bout of stalemate combat, Qismet was left all alone on the ship that was speeding unnaturally towards Skullstone. After some finagling, he managed to turn it around and head at least in the general direction of Ikress.

Fortunately Quinn had some genesis-crafted pheromone barnacles attached to the ship, making it very short work to locate the ship (thanks to Oliver the dolphin). The ship was thoroughly searched and the best clue they could find aboard was relating to the College of Necrosurgery on Skullstone.

Malachai was able to see through some deceptive charms and found reference to massive shipments of flesh bound for the College. It was about this time that Alatu had a vision from the Unconquered Sun…


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