Qismet, the Veiled Eagle

Executioner of Corrupted Supernaturals


The best word to describe Qismet is taciturn. Ever since Tris died, his words have become fewer and fewer, except with a select few who bring out his memories of earlier days. He occasionally snarks at his fellow Solars but it is always in a sense of brotherly banter. He prefers action.

Average height, with medium brown skin, brown eyes and brown-black hair that would not be out of place in any Terrestrial Direction, Qismet is fairly unremarkable. He has fine even features, with high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, and a well formed, sensual mouth. A thin scar cuts through the left side of his lips and chin. He is muscular in the ropy fashion of sailors and gymnasts, and like a person who works, hard, every day.

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Qismet, the Veiled Eagle

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